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Invest in USA from India

Why should I get a US Green Card?

You have an established business in India and you never thought of obtaining a US Green Card. You may be wondering why you should even consider getting a green card for the US. These are great questions. The American Green Card has some salient features that can help you and your family in a couple of ways. Your children can obtain degrees in the United States without the fear of F1 Student Visa rejection. After college, they can work for a few years and gain International experience before coming back to join your business or run one of their own. All without the hassles of a work permit or H1B visa. They can easily work for any employer or change employers in the US without worrying about H1B visa transfers.

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Why is the EB-5 route through SeaLink Venture a better option?

SeaLink Venture, is India's leading EB-5 Services firm with a team of experienced financial, legal, business, and immigration experts. We conduct proper due-diligence for you.

You may have read in papers about motel operators and others soliciting for direct investment in their hotel or other real-estate in the US. They solicit you directly without SEC compliance and you may never know the real value or safety of the investment. Your investment could be a high risk one.

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Pre-Immigration Tax & Legal Advisory

Our Chartered Accountants and Legal Advisors work with you to prepare your tax and financial documents along with your background check so that you do not have issues during your I-526 application process. We have partnered with Bansal & Co in India and DiSantoPriest in the United States to help you with pre-immigration tax compliance and we have partnered with DLA Piper in USA, a leading global securities and corporate law firm.

Migration Services

Relocation to another country across the seven seas can be a daunting task. We make it a breeze. Our partners and advisers work with you to ease your needs in real-estate, moving, and health insurance in America.

Representative EB-5 Economics

For reference, we have provided representative costs associated with the EB-5 Investor Visa Program. SeaLink Venture does not charge you, the investor, any fee.







Admin Fee* ~$50,000

Pre-immigration Tax planning * ~$5,000


USCIS Form I-526 Petition Filing Fee : $1,500

EB-5 Investment :~$500,000

Immigration Attorney Fee * : ~$15,000


USCIS Form I-485 Petition Filing Fee : $985

Biometric fee, Where applicable $85




USCIS Form I-829 Petition Filing Fee : $3,750


Immigration Attorney Fee * : ~$5,000





* Estimated Fee
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